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Disney Outfit #1.5 - Stained Glass Timeless Tunic

It has been a while since I’ve posted any outfit updates. There has been a few outfits that I worked on modifying a bit now that I have gotten better at sewing. The first outfit I modified was my Stained Glass Timeless Tunic. 

You can find the Patterns for Pirates Timeless Tunic Pattern here.

For my modification, I separated the bodice and the skirt and re-attached them to an external black elastic waistband. I am very happy with how these modifications turned out. I feel this dress is much more flattering. 

My next post will be another modification!
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Disney Outfit #5 - Gray Minnie Mouse Dress

For my fifth outfit, I almost want to call this the dress that did not happen. Originally when I had purchased my gray Minnie Mouse fabric, I wanted to make a timeless tunic out of it with a solid black top. But, my mom had asked me to make her a mantel cover so I had used my black woven fabric for that. Then, I decided I would use my Minnie Mouse fabric for the skirt portion of the Patterns for Pirates Boundless Dress. Next I decided that I would make the skirt portion a circle skirt. I had cut out the first half of the circle skirt and then realized that I did not have enough fabric to cut out the second half of the circle. I figured I could maybe make it work with a 3/4 circle. After cutting out the 1/4 circle piece I realized that at some point I completely butchered the piece. So I took what fabric I could to best match the original pattern with a little bit of a high low skirt. Sewing is definitely all about learning and that I why I love it so much. 

The fabric for this dress is…

Disney Outfit #4 - Minnie Mouse Shorts

I do not think I mentioned it before but part of my upcoming trip to Disney will be a 4 night Disney Cruise so for my fourth outfit, I created this super comfy shirt and shorts to wear while we are on the ship. 

The fabric for the shorts is a woven fabric from Joann Fabric. The fabric used for the shirt is a knit fabric from Joann Fabric. 
The pattern I used for the shirt is the Sweet Tee from Patterns for Pirates, which can be found here
I love this shirt pattern. It has dolman style sleeves that are bands so you do not have to hem them. I think I finally mastered added a neckband to shirts now too. 

The pattern I used for the shorts was the Linen Loungers from Patterns for Pirates, which can be found here.
These shorts are so super comfy. I am definitely going to use this pattern to make more shorts for the cruise. Even though they are made with woven fabric, they fit really well, do not feel constricting in anyway and they even have an elastic waistband for added comfort. 

The ears are…

Disney Outfit #3 - Disney Snacks

For my third outfit for my upcoming trip to Disney, I created this amazing sweetheart dress to match the Minnie Mouse ears my mom got for me!

The Disney Snacks fabric used for this sweetheart dress is knit fabric from Christys Cute Designs. The pattern I used for the dress was the Sweetheart dress from Patterns for Pirates, which can be found here

For this dress I did the tank top option with the mini skirt. I also used fold over elastic for the neckline.

The ears are sequin Minnie Mouse pair that my mom got for me for our second Princess Half Marathon. I do have to admit, I may have quite a few outfits matching these ears. 

Can someone take me to Disney for a Dole Whip right now please? This fabric makes me hungry! 
For my next outfit, I will be creating a pair of shorts out of this adorable Minnie Mouse Fabric! 

Fall Mini Cosmic Capsule

When Patterns for Pirates, Made for Mermaids, and Coles Corner and Creations announced their Fall Mini Capsule contest I knew I had to participate.  For the contest, we needed to sew 9 pieces from their patterns that we can mix and match to create different outfits for the fall, and with my increasing collection of space themed fabric I knew I had to create a Fall Mini Cosmic Capsule. 
For my capsule, I made 4 pairs of leggings with contoured waistbands, 2 dresses, 2 dolmans, and 1 cardigan using the following patterns from Patterns for Pirates. 
Peg Legs
Peg Legs Add Ons
Pumpkin Spice Dolman
Sweetheart Dress
Carefree Cardigan

I cannot wait to mix and match all these pieces into different outfits this fall. I have a few of the outfits I put together below. 

For this first outfit, I have on the one Pumpkin Spice Dolman I made. The fabric is the Moon Phases Panel from Zenith and Quasar.
The Peg Legs were created using the Black Single Brushed Polyester from Sly Fox Fabrics.  

For the second outfi…

Disney Outfit #2 - Galaxy Pants

For my second outfit for my upcoming trip to Disney, I made this super comfy pair of galaxy leggings and dolman to match my Gaurdians of the Galaxy ears. 

The galaxy fabric used for the leggings is brushed polyester from The Fabric Geeks. The black fabric for the dolman is a knit fabric from Joann fabric. 

The pattern for the leggings I used was the Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs, which can be found here. I also used their contoured waistband add on, which can be found here

The contoured waistband is amazing! I feel it is super flattering for my body type. 
The pattern for the dolman was the Pumpkin Spice Dolman from Patterns for Pirates, which can be found here. I made my dolman with a curved hemline and 3/4 sleeves. 

The Pumpkin Spice Dolman is the perfect length to wear with leggings and is super comfortable. 
My Gaurdians of the Galaxy ears were one of my mystery ears from The Yub Nub Shop. You can purchase the ears here

How cute is baby Groot?

Fingers crossed the weather is the right …

Disney Outfit #1 - Stained Glass Timeless Tunic

For my first outfit for my upcoming trip to Disney, I created this beautiful Beauty and the Beast modified Timeless Tunic. This is one of my favorite patterns because it is super flattering for my body type and it uses woven fabric! Which let's be honest, the options for woven fabric are far greater than knit fabric.

The Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass fabric is from Joann Fabric and is 100% cotton.

The pattern I used was a modified Timeless Tunic from Patterns for Pirates. I absolutely love circle skirts, so I thought this fabric would be perfect to try out of my first pattern modification.
You can find the Patterns for Pirates Timeless Tunic Pattern here.
For this outfit, I actually found the fabric first and then ordered the ears second. I saw this fabric and knew the Yub Nub shop had a pair that would match perfectly.

This pair of ears is one of her printed ears that she designed herself but they can also be purchased in the hand painted version.

I cannot wait to wear this …